About us

We manage ships from the Polsteam group

Our company has been around for many years, has developed and built a high-quality reputation in the shipping market. The shipping industry has a particular impact on the development of world trade and has a significant impact on the lives of many people. 

Operational Excellence

The focus is on operational excellence and management services cover different areas.

Focus on dry tonnage

We achieve long-term economic, social and environmental success with the aim of having a positive impact on the well-being of present and future generations.

About us

Teamwork is our culture

We take care of and reward our own staff, which is why most of our people stay with us for a long time and are characterized by an exceptional level of experience and commitment, which translates into exemplary and professional service for our contractors. 


All our ships are operated by multinational naval personnel.

Highest standards

We are proud of our employees who operate our ships to the highest standards.

Our Team